Audit Committee

Facilitates the external audit of the organisation.

Chair:       Elizabeth Chew

Member:   Ivy Long

Finance Committee

Oversees budget preparations and ensures accurate recording, reporting and accountability of funds.

Chair:       Ivy Long

Member:   Philomena Ang

Appointment & Nomination Committee

Identifies and nominates candidates to fill board vacancies for the approval of the Board.

Chair:      Elizabeth Chew

Members: Cheryl Ong

               Pang Li Kin

Programmes & Partnerships Committee 

Oversees the evaluation and development of programmes and establishing partnerships with community and corporate partners.

Chair:      Pang Li Kin

Members: Susan Vaughn

               Anja van Putten

               Candy Tan

               Yong Qiao Qing

               Philomena Ang

Fundraising Committee

Oversees fundraising efforts to support the growth and operations of the charity.

Chair:      Elise Courtney

Members: Serene Gan

               Elyssa Heng

Communications Committee

Oversees communications plans to enhance the public image and reputation of the charity.

Chair:      Lim Yin-Fern

Members: Amelia Ang

               Christine Hoo

               Yong Qiao Qing (Data Protection Officer)


Volunteering at Image Mission has been a humbling experience for me. I have learnt much from other volunteers of diverse backgrounds and cultures. The smiles on the faces of the women we have helped are truly priceless. I am happy that I have played a part in making a difference in their lives.​