Help vulnerable women affected by Covid-19

Women are bearing the brunt of the COVID-19 disruption. 


A recent survey of our clients reported:

- 66% had lost their job or had their job suspended 
- 75% are experiencing financial hardship
- 2 in 3 clients who are mothers are single mums


Our clients need to find gainful employment to be able to meet more than daily expenses. This is especially so for those who are sole breadwinners and who have dependents.

We have been working rapidly to introduce virtual services and support to meet our clients’ pressing needs for employment support.

A donation will provide a vulnerable woman with access to virtual resources in these difficult times. 


If you are able, please use your $600 Solidarity Payout or a portion of it to help those in need.


When you help a woman thrive, you help her family thrive too.

Donations are tax exempt and will be dollar-matched by the Bicentennial Community Fund.