Dress for Success® Singapore is our signature programme that empowers women to achieve economic independence.


Image Mission Ltd is the registered charity that manages Dress for Success Singapore as an affiliate of international non-profit organisation, Dress for Success® Worldwide. Established in 1997, Dress for Success® currently has close to 150 affiliates in 25 countries worldwide.

How It Works

We only serve clients who are referred by agencies that provide them with assistance. These include voluntary welfare organisations, community organisations, employment agencies, charities, non profit organisations and institutions.

The agency makes an appointment for the client to attend her first session with us, where we 

Coach her on interview and presentation skills

Provide professional styling and a suitable outfit she can wear to her job interview

Upon gaining employment, we continue to support her with

Employment styling and more work attire

4-week mentoring programme to help her do well at work

Ongoing network of support

If she does not gain employment, we still lend our support through post-interview and career coaching. In this way, we provide a continuum of services that support our clients throughout their journey to economic independence.

Find out more about how to Be A Referral Partner here

I haven't been able to secure a job for the past two and a half years since the birth of my son. After my son was accepted into infant care, I managed to secure a few interviews. Unaware of the importance of first impressions, I dressed for the interviews the same way I dress when I go out. With that, I’d always come back disappointed.


After two sessions with Li Kin at Dress for Success®Singapore, I got a job! The grooming programme helped boost my confidence and I learnt how to present myself at interviews and emphasise the key points of my work experience. Everything I learnt, I put on the table to leave an `A‘ impression!


I was overjoyed upon hearing the good news! Thank you Li Kin for all your advice! I hope this programme will reach out to other women who were in a similar situation as me.

—Marlina Yased, Sales & Marketing Officer

Why We Do It

We want to reach out to some 8,800 women who are unemployed in Singapore and are in need of our services. These women may come from low-income households or may be disadvantaged in other ways. They include single mothers, unwed young mothers, victims of domestic abuse, troubled teens, those with a disability and the marginalised.


We also want to reach out to graduating students from low income families as they have the potential to help their families break out of the poverty cycle.


Help us reach out to them.


To learn more about Dress for Success® Singapore, visit us at singapore.dressforsuccess.org or Contact Us.

Our grooming and coaching services empower our client to realise her full potential, secure employment and achieve economic independence. This will have a big impact on her and her family in the long run. By helping a woman in need succeed, we are also helping her family succeed.

—Pang Li Kin, Founder, Image Mission Ltd