If your organisation works with women in need at different stages in their job search, let us help you support them on their journey to realising their full potential and achieving economic independence.

Please refer a client to us if she

Needs presentable clothes to wear to a job interview

Has gained employment and needs more wotk clothes for her new job

Has gained employment and would like to attend our 6-week mentoring programme to help her achieve her career goals

Has been unsuccessful in obtaining a job interview and would like to attend a pre-interview coaching session with us

Is unsuccessful in gaining employment and would like to attend a post-interview coaching session with us

Contact Us if you have questions on client referrals.


Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect at an Interview Coaching and Styling Appointment

Q.  How is the appointment conducted?


A. Our trained volunteers are here to help you feel confident about preparing for your job interview, so do not feel anxious about your appointment. Each session is conducted one-to-one with a volunteer stylist and career coach at our office and lasts approximately 1½ hours. 


Q. What happens at the interview coaching session?


A. Your volunteer career coach will help to prepare you for your upcoming job interview. She will help you identify your strengths and coach you on how to present yourself and answer interview questions confidently.   


Q. What is the styling session about?


A. Your volunteer stylist will help you select a suitable set of clothes so that you can make a good first impression at your job interview. They will take into consideration your size, age, personality, preferences and the nature of work you are applying for. This set of clothes is yours to take home after the appointment. They may also advise you on grooming, makeup and hairstyles.  



Q. Do you charge for the services?


A. No, we don’t. Our services and clothes are provided free to women in need.


Q. Do you provide job-matching services?


A. No, we don’t. We prepare our clients for the job interview, so they should apply for jobs on their own or with the help of their agency.


Q. Do you accept male clients?


A. We currently serve female clients only.


Q. What is your criteria for referrals?


A. We accept unemployed women aged 16 years and above, as long as they are referred by an organisation serving the underprivileged or disadvantaged community.

The service we provide goes beyond just the outfit. We offer support and feedback in a safe environment. We provide a platform where they feel comfortable talking about their work history and skills and have a chance to practice the interview process. We challenge them to think of their strengths and prepare them to answer interview questions confidently.

—Louise White, Volunteer Stylist and Career Coach