From Startup to NetSuite

Meet Jenna Nagy - Director, Operations (outgoing) and a volunteer since 2015. Jenna shares some of her fondest moments with Dress for Success Singapore before returning to the United States with her husband and baby daughter...


“I look back on my first year fondly. No two days were the same and I learnt a lot about Singapore in the process. From sourcing and negotiating for office furniture in the depths of Joo Chiat, to organizing our finances and screening for the perfect accountant, the subtle differences of doing business in Singapore were revealed.

The exciting start-up aspect reeled me in, but it was Li Kin’s passion for the cause that hooked me. Her dedication continues to inspire me to work harder and push the envelope for the women we serve.

My greatest challenge came when I agreed to lead the implementation of NetSuite, our current software system for financial and data management. The days were long, but the finished product* paid off and it is one of my proudest accomplishments at Dress for Success Singapore.

Giving back

During my second year, I was able to spend more time with clients both as a stylist and coach, and I have never been so humbled. Our job is to transform the client into the best version of themself but what we aren’t told is that our clients tend to transform us too.

I struggled with confidence in my youth, so I know what it feels like to lack it. But thanks to some great mentors, I have been walking into rooms with my shoulders back and my head held high for years. It only takes one person and Dress for Success continually reminds me that I too can be that one person for someone in need of a boost.”

Thank you for your amazing support Jenna. Wishing you wonderful new moments and adventures ahead!


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